The market

We export to various countries and continents, after sorting the merchandise that is packed in a professional manner to be sent to the four corners of the globe.


We offer professional and offers a good quality at competitive prices, with the ability to customize the goods.


So that our customers are satisfied with our services, we are committed to deliver the goods as soon as possible, your satisfaction is our first preoccupation.

professional in used clothes

Beldi-Fripe, your partner of used clothes for professionals

Beldi-Fripe is a company specialized in sorting and recycling of second-hand clothes. In addition to used clothing, we offer shoes, toys, and accessories.

We export to various countries and continents. Our products are top quality and our time is short.

Beldi-Fripe also offer these customers the ability to customize their order to best meet your needs.

Beldi-Fripe is your ideal partner in used clothes and shoes.


BB Trans sa

Beldi-fripe and sister company BB Trans SA, the second full first and also takes care of the logistics, our suppliers and our customers worldwide.